Seeds of Change

This blog is all about keeping you up to date about the latest Growin Spaces activities and future plans. Growin Spaces (G.S) is a non for profit community group set up to support the unemployed and the disadvantaged. The project manages over 2 acres of allotments over Sneinton and St Anns, which are used to work with the long term unemployed, offering them the chance to regain a routine and to do some practical work which helps them to develop as people. We are in the processes of setting up some courses designed to help people to grow their own veg and will be also be offering other personal development functional skills courses.

GS’s also run 2 weekly social eating cafe’s which serves produce grown at the allotments, and also serves nearly out of date food stock, donated by major retailers via the “Fareshare” scheme (   Additional pages dedicated to the allotments, GGS cafe’s and training opportunities will be added to this blog over the coming weeks and months.
The meals cost just £2.50 for 3 courses. We had a crowd funding appeal that raised funds to provide 50 impoverished families a much needed Christmas treat by putting on a Christmas dinner to remember. We provided the recipients with a special dinner experience (see picture below)
Christmas%20Dinner GS
 As a Qualified Community Organiser, Growin Spaces founder and Chairperson, Steven Doig is passionate about ‘listening’ to your ideas, so if you have any please get in touch. To volunteer for Growing Spaces send an email to For more info about Growin Spaces watch this “Growin Space”.
The boss
Steven Doig. Chairman & Founder of Growin Spaces “Seeds of Change”.
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